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Chestermere Yoga

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Chestermere Yoga

Yoga for Backs
Normal room temperature: Using the principles and specialized props developed for Critical Alignment Therapy, this class works to relieve strain and tension in the body by using long holds in therapeutic postures. Once tension has been released, we start to develop more effective movement patterns in the body. This class is beneficial for anyone working through injury, chronic pain, or repetitive stress injuries, or just simply looking for relaxation. You will gain a greater sense of body awareness, a release of muscular tension, possible pain reduction, and an improved feeling of physical wellness. This is a great class for beginners.

Hot or normal room temperature: All Levels. This class is a great introduction to the fundamentals of yoga. Our skilled instructors will safely guide you through each posture (asana) focusing on proper alignment and breath work (pranayama). Recommended if you are new to yoga, or wishing to deepen your understanding of the postures.

Vinyasa Flow
Hot or normal room temperature: Some experience recommended. The word Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” This style allows for a lot of variety, and usually includes Sun Salutations. This is a beautiful combination of stretching, movement, and breath work. The perfect way to get your energy flowing. Some experience is recommended as we tend to flow at a faster pace and there is an assumption that the student has an understanding of basic postures.

Hot or Normal room temperature: Yoga experience recommended - This class is a progressive series of strength and flexibility enhancing postures. We introduce challenging transitions and an invigorating practice, linking poses together in a unique way that challenges the muscles and the core. Inversions and arm balances will often be introduced, as well as variations of pranamaya and chakra healing.

Hot or normal room temperature: This class is great for all levels as the first half of the class focus on yang postures (long holds of strength enhancing postures) and the second half is focused on Yin postures (long, deep holds in restorative seat). Often times meditative techniques will be introduced as an added touch in this journey to restore balance.

Normal room temperature: Rejuvenate your mind and body! Yin postures are a low energy and gently approach to release tension seated deep within the body. These poses are held longer allowing us to enter the first two limbs of yoga (yamas and niyamas, see the Sutras of Patanjali) to clear a path to silence within your mind. This silence is used as a contemplation time where we are encouraged to look at our habits (Samskara) offering a space where we can determine whether or not hour habits are serving us. All levels

Restorative Yoga
Normal room temperature: While it is normal enough to have stresses be a part of life, holding stress in the body for long periods of time can create an imbalance in our chakras (energy centers). This class will focus on gentle restorative postures utilizing props to allow for tension release in the connective tissues. Guided meditation techniques or Mantra are often introduced while you are comfortably seated in asana (posture) which will help to bring these tensions back into balance and restore depleted energy. All levels

Kids Yoga Program
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Private Classes
Private classes can be arranged with many of our skilled teachers for one on one needs or for private group functions. These classes are tailored to meet your specific needs; weather you are looking to enhance your sport performance, heal from injury or chronic pain, or just grab a group of friends for your own personal function, Inner Focus Yoga will work with you to create a yoga program that is perfectly suited for your needs. Email for your personal consultation.