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Chestermere Yoga Bonnie Harvey
Bonnie began competitive martial arts training with the International Chang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation in 2002, achieving 19 consecutive double gold international wins. She also had the honor of being selected as a Team Canada Representative 3 times where she claimed the title of World Cup Champion in both patterns and sparring. Upon being selected to represent Canada in Puerto Rico, she began attending yoga classes to improve strength, flexibility, and hand eye coordination. Little did she know at that time, yoga would actually save her life one day.

After being struck with a series of tragic events, Bonnie’s heath and wellness deteriorated drastically. She was preparing to have surgery when she heard a whisper from within to deepen her practice of yoga, and to learn an alternative healing method called Reiki. Bonnie did not come from a background of alternative healing but had already tried everything so it was nothing more that utter desperation that urged her to listen to her intuitive messages and give Reiki a try.

Bonnie trained under Rev. Isabelle Faith, founder of the Reiki Center, who taught her about Reiki Healing, and how to hear the whispers of your Guardian Angles, ultimately healing not only the physical pain which had been crippling her, but also healing from illness which almost claimed her life. Bonnie is now a Reiki Master who has helped many people find their journey back to optimal wellness, as well as teach students the art of Reiki healing, meditation, and intuitive healing.

Guided again by the “whispers from within”, Bonnie enrolled in the Yoga Works Teacher training as a way to deepen her own practice and shortly after completion began teaching; and eventually opening her own Yoga Studio in Chestermere Alberta. It is Bonnie’s deepest desire to share the precious gift of natural healing through yoga and self nurturing to awaken our powerful gift; the innate capacity to self heal from virtually everything.

Bonnie recently began offering Angel Card Readings and life transformation courses to those who are facing challenges, or wishing to create change in their lives. Email for a free consultation.

Yoga is universal, you just have to find what speaks to you.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Jill Thomas

My yoga journey began in 1998 with Cathy Shea & Asthanga Power Yoga. It was love at first vinyasa! Although, I do recall the process of building strength to find rest in downward dog!

I enjoy the blissful state that yoga cultivates through moving meditation. The marriage of breath and movement help me to enjoy the fundamentals of this earthly experience and the heavens all at once! It’s that feeling that keeps me coming back to this ancient sacred practice. I am grateful for each and every practice. Constantly growing a deeper understanding of love, unity, joy and peace that come from within. I love how the yogic learnings intertwine with all facets of life’s daily routines.

I completed the 200 hr Alberta Yoga College program in December 2013 enjoying the privilege of studying with Rob Walker and Cathy Shea. Completing a dream that began 15 years prior. Over the past 15 years, I have had the wonderful experience to learn from the most talented teachers in the Calgary area. It has been a true blessing.

My love for yoga is balanced with a deep passion for family, health, personal growth and all kinds of fun adventurous life experiences! I also enjoy teaching private yoga lessons, doing angel card readings and reiki healing sessions. Please contact me for more info:

About Angel Card Readings:
Angels are powerful and loving Divine messengers who are unrestricted by space & time. They are continuously around us and can help with all things. An angel reading gives direct communication with your angels and spirit guides.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Melody Young

Melody’s Yoga Journey began as a way to stay in shape, but she found so much more, practicing daily both on and off the mat became a way of life that brought Melody to her love of teaching. Teaching from the heart, which she believes is our highest teacher, with an emphasis on cultivating spaciousness within both the mind and body. After discovering the profound effect of yin yoga, Melody refined her skills through an intensive teacher training with internationally renowned Bernie Clark.

Melody believes that if we move away from focusing on the physical discomforts, a pose can bring a deeper awareness and meditation within each hold. It is through this awareness we can bring a sense of calm and balance, into all that we do. Melody teaches with a belief that we all have everything we need inside and everything we have we need. Each time we come back to our mat, each time we find our breath, the opportunity is there to find our beauty within. Always a student, Melody gains knowledge through the coming together of people, and values each experience they share.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Ed Isidro

I started practicing yoga for the physical benefits, I thought it was a good way to exercise and maintain my flexibility. The more I practiced, the more I realized there was much more to yoga than the physical forms. Yes, I was exercising, but I found I was becoming more in tune with what my body was doing and how it worked. I was calmer and less stressed; perhaps best of all, I was more confident. For me, yoga has been a source of strength and balance. Yoga is a practice that is accessible to anyone and is something that holds great benefits to anyone. It's my goal as an instructor to help other people find the same connection with yoga that I have found.

I've been practicing yoga for about 5 years and received my training certificate in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in 2011. Through yoga, not only have I been fortunate to learn from incredible instructors and I've also met some of the most interesting people. There is a really strong sense of community in yoga and I'm really glad to be a part of that.

When I'm not practicing yoga, I enjoy drawing, reading comic books, watching science fiction and other nerd friendly activities.  

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Erin Sharpe

Erin has been practicing Yoga now for over three years, and loves every aspect of it. She is constantly amazed by the amazing feats of strength each body is capable of when practicing Yoga.

As full-time registered dental hygienist, she often recognizes smiles before she remembers a name!

An avid traveller (but chronic over-packer), one of her favourite places to have visited was Spain and Hawaii. Erin and her husband, Patrick, were married in Jamaica back in 2012. She hopes to travel with him to Australia for a month in 2016.

Erin has a deep love for all animals, and her and husband have 2 dogs; a golden retriever and a douge de bordeaux (the type of dog from the 80's movie Turner and Hooch). She also has a few rescue cats at home whom she loves dearly. (Even if they leave cat hair all over her yoga pants!)

She loves to read, and when not on the mat, spends a lot her spare time with her nose in a book.

She hopes to infuse her passion for yoga and proper alignment in all her students and show her students just how strong the human body can be!

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Sarah McKillop

Hello! I am Sarah!

I first started practising 7 years ago and I successfully completed a 200 hour intensive yoga training with Yoga works in 2010 (which is where I met Bonnie Harvey!)

I truly enjoy teaching yoga, I love to share the things I've learned in my practise and in my life. In addition to my love for yoga I am also passionate about nature and science. To be specific I recently completed my diploma in geological technology.

Our planet is over 4.5 billion years, in comparison our lives seem short so while we are here it is vital we pursue our dreams no matter how complex, small or big they are.

I love to laugh and share; if you would like to share one of your passions I would be happy to bring it into class whether it be a story, recipe, song, or even a poem you wrote I will do my best to have it be heard.

Sarah is a hot foundation teacher at Inner focus; her classes are challenging, relaxing and sweaty! She will not leave you behind and will make sure you leave with a happy heart and a big smile.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Jordan Hoover

Before diving into the Science of Yoga Jordan was studying herbal medicine at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing in Calgary where he became certified in reiki energy healing and hot stone massage therapy. Jordan began practicing yoga in 2010 and then took his first 3 month 400 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training in the beginning of 2011 at the Pyramid Yoga school in Koh Pha Ngan Thailand studying under the masterful guidance of David Goulet who has been dedicated to the lifestyle, science and practice of yoga for close to 50 years. Jordan has been passionately dedicated to the practice and lifestyle of yoga ever since and is certified under yoga alliance as a 500hr RYT. His training was mainly a study of the tradtional 8 limbs of yoga and the chakra energy system which focuses on balance of shiva and shakti or known as the masculine and feminine energies and hormones that are contained within every human being. That balance ultimately supports more health, connection and meaning in all aspects of our lives physically, socially, mentally and spiritually. His teaching style places emphasis on mindfulness, balance and peace. As the Spiritual Master OSHO says "be strong like a rose," you will find Jordan emphasizing proper physical alignment, calm balanced breath practice and mental concentration techniques to support a strong yet compassionate practice. It is his joy, honour and purpose to teach, study and share Yoga in the world.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Geffen Rubiano

I've stumbled on to my first yoga class by accident in 2010. I was first introduced to it by a friend that has me to a flow class thinking it was a foundation class. I found yoga becoming a part of my daily repertoire. Classes did not just become an exercise class but it became second nature to the point where a day was not complete without a practice.

As my excitement and curiosity grew about yoga so I decided to take a leap of faith and sign up for my first teacher training with Nora Maskey and Alice Hong in 2013. I had no intention in teaching at first but my first class lead me to wanting to share his practice with everyone I meet whether it be an asana practice or a simple breathing exercise. My classes are pulled by many styles of yoga such as Hatha, Ashtanga and Anusara. My classes are also inspired by my martial arts background. So get ready to work whether it be a fast pace vinyasa class or a slow alignment base class.

"I always saw yoga as a form of a dance. The breath is the music that energizes us and the asana'a are acting as the dance choreography to the music. When the music and choreography acts in unison we find a deeper connection with not just breath and asana but a sense of understanding of the practice. This form of understanding acts as our inner teacher or guru."

See you at your mats!

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Erin Evans

My practice continues to evolve day after day, year after year. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for the past thirteen years. I am humbled and amazed at the profound effects the practice continues to have on me. I came to yoga vulnerable and seeking spiritual refuge. Within my first few practices I knew I had found what I was looking for.

After finishing my business degree from the University of Saskatchewan I moved to the mountains to get a real job and grow up. This is where I stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga, at the Yoga Lounge in Canmore. After a handful of sessions I knew this was the direction my life would take. I moved to Lake Louise and began teaching karma yoga classes without having any formal training. I decided to take my teacher training through Trinity Yoga out of Edmonton, Alberta. This teacher training fueled my passion further. I soaked up the knowledge and was very eager to share.

After completing my 200 hour teacher training My hunger for yoga grew. This led to my interested in Power Yoga. I started to teach the style that made me smile from the inside and my students felt the same. This was a beautiful transition for me as I learnt to teach what I loved and what was true for me. In 2010 I traveled to Bali and Thailand to Study with Tiffany Cruikshank, Ally Bogard, and Catherine Budig. I am constantly upgrading my skills through classes, workshops, reading and writing. This yoga is deep and the more I learn the more I want to know. I recently travelled to Miami to study with Tim Feldman.

The process of becoming a teacher is about finding your voice. It is learning to stand firm on what you believe even if it isn't the norm. This teacher training is designed for those wishing to live a more authentic life at a high vibration in tune with your heart's desires.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Sara Munro

Sara's classes are a fabulous combination of Power Flow to a grounding yourself back to your mat Vinyasa Flow. With years of personal practice she knows the amazing benefits to a regular yoga practice and inspires people to lead a healthy, happier and more compassionate life on and off your mat!

Classes include humor, upbeat music, attention to alignment and a full body workout in a fun and safe environment. Although challenging, they are accessible to everyone who enjoys movement and wants to gain flexibility, strength and stamina. Sara's classes target your inner strength and will motivate you in a positive direction!

Her creativity, humor and zest for life is contagious and Sara is grateful to be able to inspire, affect change and help transform lives through yoga!

Laugh Play Explore

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Elann Anderson

From the first moment Elann stepped onto her yoga mat in 2012, she knew she had found what she was looking for. Since that time she has been a dedicated practitioner. She began practicing Yoga to aid in her journey of recovery but found so much more. Yoga is a place of refuge for Elann. It helps her gain control over fears and frustrations. She has increased her strength, both physically and mentally.

Elann believes that the practice of yoga builds stability and allows you the freedom to enjoy life. Elann aspires to share what she has learned from Yoga onto others who are ready for change. Elann completed her 200 hour training in 2015 and her plan is to continue to learn and grow.

She intends to teach students to get strong physically and take that power into their lives.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Ria Nordick

Ria has always been the loud one in her group. Coming from a Greek background, her life has always been about love, food and family. As well as having passion for life! Originally form Victoria B.C., her passion for outdoor sports started at an early age. She has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old and quickly became a rock star on the field. If she wasn't at school, she was on a turf somewhere playing soccer or field hockey. She was blessed to be able to play on many highly competitive teams, provincially, nationally and varsity, G0 Cougars!

Ria always has fun in what she is doing, but maintains a competitive edge that has made her who she is today. Throughout her life she has helped many people enjoy being active. After having her first child she missed the adrenaline rush and competiveness of sports, so she started taking fitness classes and found the same rush. Two children later, Ria decided it was time to make a career change from oil and gas and start teaching!!! In 2010, she began her new journey, starting with teaching fitness classes. Ria continues teaching because she loves the energy the members bring, it makes her feel alive. She loves that she can impact people's lives and help them live better healthier ones. Her classes are always challenging, fun and pumped with energetic music that ranges from electronic dance to 80's pop hits, old school hip hop and Rihanna!

Ria is a Canfitpro certified personal trainer. In addition to staying current with industry courses, Ria enjoys, hot yoga, paddle boarding, snowboarding and reading. She loves entertaining family and friends - her door is always open and the wine is always flowing.

Chestermere Yoga

Chestermere Yoga Jennifer Struckoff

For Jennifer's first Mother's Day after the birth of her son Ivan in 2005, her husband bought her a spot at an Ashtanga yoga workshop hosted by Jeff and Harmony Lichty. This was different than any practice she had attended before: they practiced the familiar asanas, but they were placed in a greater spiritual context that included breathing techniques, some philosophical discourse, and even Sanskrit chanting! This workshop changed her life.

These new experiences galvanized her commitment to her own practice, to help others to have that same coming-home feeling, and has provided a deep fulfillment she wouldn’t expect to experience from any other career. Jennifer is always on the lookout for more opportunities to learn—while she became certified to teach yoga in the summer of 2009, she is also a pre-natal yoga teacher, certified to guide Yoga Nidra and has completed all four levels of the Critical Alignment Therapy instructor’s course. Jennifer has participated in workshops by Mark Darby, David Swenson and Kino MacGregor, among others, in the pursuit of knowledge, experience, and happiness, and looks forward to sharing all these things with you.

Jennifer would like students to walk away from her classes with a smile on their faces and a new awareness in their bodies. She hopes that they feel a strong connection to the Light in their heart and have created stillness of the mind.

Chestermere Yoga