Offering family yoga classes to the communities of Chestermere, Langdon, Airdrie,
Indus, Strathmore and Calgary.

Our goal is to make Yoga accessible to every body in a safe and tranquil environment. We have some of the most amazing teachers who are encouraged to teach from their hearts and from the depth of their yoga journey.

Once you arrive you will be introduced to different styles of teaching and approaches to the practice of Yoga. This will enable you to find a class, a teacher and a style that resonates with you as an individual.

We offer a wide variety of yoga styles throughout the week including hot and regular room temperature, children’s yoga, yoga for back’s and chronic pain suffers, Critical Alignment Therapy, as well as fun workshops and courses, guided meditations, Reiki Treatments and Courses, Angel card readings and more!

Yoga Classes

We Are a Team of Pros

At our Studio, we value the diversity.

Many of our teachers have 10+ years of teaching experience and have extensive training under the top yoga masters. Each class has the perfectly suited teacher to give you an amazing experience.

Special Classes for Elderly People

Our yoga studio offers special courses for elderly people.

This type of classes will be perfect for someone looking for a not-too-demanding routine… Contact us now to learn more about these courses!

Meet Our Instructors

When it comes to practice and preaching the love for yoga, it takes a lot of experience and dedication. Every single teacher on our team has got it and we are eager to meet you on your mat to help you discover the style of yoga that resonates with you.

Have You Ever Felt Tired & Unfocused?

What If We Told You That There’s a Cure Called Yoga, Which Will Balance Both Your Mind & Body!

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