Get Started

Let us help you get started!

Inner Focus Yoga is a quiet and tranquil space and we invite you to help us offer a peaceful and nurturing environment by starting your yoga practice the moment you enter.

The following guidelines will help:

Arriving at the Studio

For your first class, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the class begins. We encourage you to create an account online before you come so our front desk staff can greet you, get you signed in, and show you around the studio.

What to Bring

You will need a mat, water, and a towel. You may rent or purchase these if you forget yours. Come well hydrated and be prepared to drink water throughout and after class. Since yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, eat lightly or not at all for 2-3 hours before class.

Studio Etiquette

Keep in mind that there are classes in session and a softer voice is needed. Please move through all areas quietly and mindfully and close all doors softly behind you. Many classes are very busy and the studio operates on a first come, first serve basis. If you have registered through online sign-in you must arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time. There is no cell phone activity permitted in the studio beyond the shoe area. Please turn them off prior to entry. Inner Focus Yoga is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles. Please leave them at home.

Personal Belongings

An Inner Focus staff member is usually present in the studio while classes are in session, however, although our studio is safe and secure, we do not have lockers and we encourage you to leave valuables at home. Inner Focus Yoga is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

How to begin to grow your practice

Ask questions before and after class to better understand the practice. Our teachers and front desk staff are here to ensure your individual needs are met. Please advise the teacher of any injuries or limitations you may have.

Yoga Etiquette

Please do not enter the yoga room before everyone in the previous class has left. Please wait for the room to empty.

Please observe silence once you have entered the studio. Mat locations are marked on the floor with stickers. Please set your yoga mat with the top of your mat centered on the sticker. This ensures sufficient room for all and minimizes confusion. There is no talking in the yoga rooms (whispering counts as talking). Refrain from wearing perfumes and heavy oils. Many people are allergic to these scents and find them distracting. Please wipe up your puddles after you have practiced.