Inner Focus Yoga Instructors

Bonnie Harvey

Bonnie began competitive martial arts training with the International Chang Hon Taekwon-Do Federation in 2002, achieving 19 consecutive double gold international wins. She also had the honor of being selected as a Team Canada Representative 3 times where she claimed the title of World Cup Champion in both patterns and sparring. Upon being selected to represent Canada in Puerto Rico, she began attending yoga classes to improve strength, flexibility, and hand eye coordination. Little did she know at that time, yoga would actually save her life one day.

After being struck with a series of tragic events, Bonnie’s heath and wellness deteriorated drastically. She was preparing to have surgery when she heard a whisper from within to deepen her practice of yoga, and to learn an alternative healing method called Reiki. Bonnie did not come from a background of alternative healing but had already tried everything so it was nothing more that utter desperation that urged her to listen to her intuitive messages and give Reiki a try.

Bonnie trained under Rev. Isabelle Faith, founder of the Reiki Center, who taught her about Reiki Healing, and how to hear the whispers of your Guardian Angles, ultimately healing not only the physical pain which had been crippling her, but also healing from illness which almost claimed her life. Bonnie is now a Reiki Master who has helped many people find their journey back to optimal wellness, as well as teach students the art of Reiki healing, meditation, and intuitive healing.

Guided again by the “whispers from within”, Bonnie enrolled in the Yoga Works Teacher training as a way to deepen her own practice and shortly after completion began teaching; and eventually opening her own Yoga Studio in Chestermere Alberta. It is Bonnie’s deepest desire to share the precious gift of natural healing through yoga and self nurturing to awaken our powerful gift; the innate capacity to self heal from virtually everything.

Bonnie recently began offering Angel Card Readings and life transformation courses to those who are facing challenges, or wishing to create change in their lives. Email for a free consultation.

Yoga is universal, you just have to find what speaks to you.

Paige Berling-MacKenzie

Paige was introduced to yoga in 2012 and after years of practicing, she received her Yoga-Alliance Certified 200-hour multi-style teaching certificate in Northern India from Trimurti Yoga. For the two months following the completion of her teacher training she interned with the Trimurti Yoga teaching team.

Since her arrival back to Canada she has been consistently practicing and teaching, exploring the many styles and skills that she gained in her training. Everyday she is thankful for the shift that teaching yoga has created in her life – a shift towards love, gratitude, and compassion!

 Yoga is her catharsis: her way of expressing herself, of letting go, of healing, and of finding her truest self. Combining her personal experience practicing yoga with the knowledge gained through her training from traditional Indian Yogis, as well as many other teachers, she hopes to help guide her students towards a place of acceptance, positivity, connection and self-love.

You can follow her journey on instagram here.

Melody Young

Melody is a registered E-RYT with Yoga Alliance, with many hours of training in a variety of styles with many gifted instructors including Bernie Clark and Erin Evans.

Melody teaches with a belief that we all have everything we need inside, and everything we have we need. Each time we come back to our mat, each time we find our breath, the opportunity is there to find our peace within.

Teaching with a belief that yoga is accessible to every body, Melody encourages you not to take yourself too seriously, and you may even find yourself smiling, giggling, maybe even laughing out loud.  Always a student, Melody gains knowledge through the coming together of people, and values each experience they share.

You can follow her journey on instagram here.

Jennifer Davidson

Jennifer’s introduction to yoga began in 2009 while exploring alternative methods for healing a back injury. I quickly became deeply rooted in my practice and fell in love with the happiness, confidence, stability, comfort and balance that I found in yoga. That began a passion that has only grown deeper through the years. Yoga continues to inspire me to live a life full of awareness, intention, compassion and serenity.

My main focus as a teacher is to provide a safe foundation of healthy movement. I tailor each of my classes to each student attending depending on their ability. You will find a strong emphasis on alignment, breath and mindful movement in my classes where as a student you will be encouraged to listen to your body.

I am a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance of Canada, and have completed multiple additional trainings over the years to not only learn more about the practice, but to continue to inspire and help others benefit from yoga as I have.

I am thrilled to be sharing my love of yoga and assisting students on their own yoga journey. My hope is that my students leave my classes feeling a connection between body and mind while noticing the benefits of their yoga practice on and off their mats.


Miles Kroeker

Miles Kroeker has chosen to dedicate himself to interacting with the subtle qualities, that are available, every moment of our lives. He is constantly striving to develop an understanding of the basic building blocks of how we relate to these principles on our own unique level.

He is a personal chef & trainer who is currently completing his RMT training through MRU. Studying physics at the University of Lethbridge he went on to complete his culinary arts diploma at the Culinary Institute of Canada. 

Taking numerous teacher trainings he has completed courses in Chinese Martial Arts, Calisthenics, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, AcroYoga, Circus Arts, Dance & Yoga. Miles looks forward to teaching, learning, sharing and having people develop their own voice & understanding. He wants to encourage them to share this same potential with others.

Elann Anderson

From the first moment Elann stepped onto her yoga mat in 2012, she knew she had found what she was looking for. Since that time she has been a dedicated practitioner. She began practicing Yoga to aid in her journey of recovery but found so much more.

Yoga is a place of refuge for Elann. It helps her gain control over fears and frustrations. She has increased her strength, both physically and mentally.

Elann believes that the practice of yoga builds stability and allows you the freedom to enjoy life. Elann aspires to share what she has learned from Yoga onto others who are ready for change. Elann completed her 200 hour training in 2015 and her plan is to continue to learn and grow.

She intends to teach students to get strong physically and take that power into their lives.

Sara Munro

Sara’s classes are a fabulous combination of Power Flow to a grounding yourself back to your mat Vinyasa Flow. With years of personal practice she knows the amazing benefits to a regular yoga practice and inspires people to lead a healthy, happier and more compassionate life on and off your mat!

Classes include humor, upbeat music, attention to alignment and a full body workout in a fun and safe environment. Although challenging, they are accessible to everyone who enjoys movement and wants to gain flexibility, strength and stamina. Sara’s classes target your inner strength and will motivate you in a positive direction!

Her creativity, humor and zest for life is contagious and Sara is grateful to be able to inspire, affect change and help transform lives through yoga!

Jennifer Struckoff

For Jennifer’s first Mother’s Day after the birth of her son Ivan in 2005, her husband bought her a spot at an Ashtanga yoga workshop hosted by Jeff and Harmony Lichty. This was different than any practice she had attended before: they practiced the familiar asanas, but they were placed in a greater spiritual context that included breathing techniques, some philosophical discourse, and even Sanskrit chanting! This workshop changed her life.

These new experiences galvanized her commitment to her own practice, to help others to have that same coming-home feeling, and has provided a deep fulfillment she wouldn’t expect to experience from any other career. Jennifer is always on the lookout for more opportunities to learn—while she became certified to teach yoga in the summer of 2009, she is also a pre-natal yoga teacher, certified to guide Yoga Nidra and has completed all four levels of the Critical Alignment Therapy instructor’s course. Jennifer has participated in workshops by Mark Darby, David Swenson and Kino MacGregor, among others, in the pursuit of knowledge, experience, and happiness, and looks forward to sharing all these things with you.

Jennifer would like students to walk away from her classes with a smile on their faces and a new awareness in their bodies. She hopes that they feel a strong connection to the Light in their heart and have created stillness of the mind.

Rose Marie

Rose is best known as a playful, smiling little monkey kitty who thrives for human connections and spontaneous adventures. She was introduced to Acroyoga in Montreal and immediately fell in love. “It’s like watching skilled dancers create art harmoniously”.

As an outdoor enthusiast, she brings her background of rock climbing, slacklining, hiking, and yoga, to ‘help friends fly’ through Acroyoga. She builds community by playing, exploring, and connecting with others.

Rose enjoys teaching, her students, how to balance through amazing poses and unusual positions. She helps them build a strong foundation, finding new ways to move, and work through their fears.

Acroyoga should be fun, join her in finding your inner child!

Morgan Pack

Bio coming soon!

You can follow her journey on instagram here.